Intellectual property nowadays is at the heart and foundation of financial success for technologically oriented companies. The technological edge needed to achieve this financial success often requires high development costs and significant investments. In order for you, and not your competitors, to reap the benefits of your investments and ideas, you need to protect your innovations and ideas against exploitation by third parties by filing the appropriate property right applications.

The partners at Kierdorf Ritschel Richly Patentanwälte have many years’ experience in particular in the claiming, enforcement and defence of intellectual property rights. We will advise and support you in each individual project you undertake, providing you with ongoing assistance in the form of our ‘external patent department’ and helping you to make your decisions regarding your developments, bearing in mind the current property right situation. Personal care and top quality service come as standard at our practice and, as your partners, we will be available whenever you need us.

We have long-established contacts with select high-quality foreign patent attorneys in a variety of countries to help enforce your rights and interests abroad as well. We will always remain your point of contact in this process and will coordinate with our foreign colleagues on your behalf, instructing them to act in your best interests.